The Story of the Brand

Every day, nearly 50 million families around the world are cooking with ease thanks totheirRobam range hood. The powerful suction in this hood helps keepsfamilies healthy!It’s one of the many reasons thatRobam has been atrusted kitchen appliance enterprise that integrates R&D, production, marketing, and service since 1979.

Over the past 40 years, Robam has been helping home cooks worldwideget the most out of their kitchens. Robam uses only the most advanced technology to create the best products. Thanks to a technological breakthrough in powerful suction, Robam has become the standard for range hoods in so many countries! But Robamprovides integrated solutions for kitchen appliances besides range hoods, including:

Robam: A Brand You Can Trust!

Every day, more consumers choose to trust Robam for all their kitchen needs. For the last 13 years, Robam has consistently been named among the top 500 Asian brands. In the last 5 years, Robam has risen to the top 300! And every year the brand just keeps getting better!

From 2015 to 2019, the authoritative market survey agent Euromonitor released survey data on the private range hood brand.The results showed that retail sales of Robam range hoodshave occupied 6.6% of the global market. Euromonitor also showed that for the last four years, consumers worldwide have ranked Robam first among range hoods.

Leading the Way in Innovation

Technological Innovation

Like other leading global enterprises, Robam is driven by the desire to continuously innovatewith technology. Robam has very high standards when creating range hoods. The powerful suction system of Robammust always integrate:

This technology has revolutionized the industry! It has also greatlyimproved heat efficiency by utilizing powerful3D flames and concentrated fire technology.

Robam’s innovative products don’t end with the range hoods. For example, the disinfection cabinet has a dual mode. With this feature, the dual rectangular shape sterilization technology helps achieve precise sterilization at different layers.

Robam dishwashers are imported from France because the country specializes in powerful washing machines with a large capacity. The water purifier is alsobecause ofits dikaryon reverse osmosis technology.Because Robam is constantly innovating, the brand consistently leads the developments of the industry.

Design Innovation

For years, Robam has maintained good relationships with excellent international designers. These relationships help Robam make continuous innovations in design. Because of these professional product designs, Robamhasbeen awarded the IF, CIDF, and the Red Dot Award— which is sometimes called “the Oscar of the design industry!”Everyone on Robam’s team of designers is dedicated to creating appliances that look like works of art.
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